Estate Planning

Planning for the future is something to consider at all ages, even if you believe you do not have assets or an estate to protect. Taking care of yourself and your future heirs is the main objective of Estate Planning. At the law office of A. Colby Parks, Attorney at Law, P.S., in Tacoma, WA, clients discuss their needs with an experienced Washington Estate Planning professional. Setting goals and developing your personal plans is important, and with help from Attorney Parks, it is easy; you also will not omit critical items that should be included in your planning documents.

WA Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning is an important legal option for both families and business owners to use, to ensure their hard work and profits are protected against legal challenges and an unpredictable future. We are dedicated to your family enterprise, assets and property.


Estate Planning Documents

  • Wills & Trusts – From basic to complex documents, these documents ensure that your wishes are known and fulfilled, providing benefits both during your lifetime and afterwards.
  • Power of Attorney – If you are incapacitated, this document allows a person of your choice to act legally on your behalf, for personal and business needs.
  • Health Care Directives – When illness or an accident renders you incapable of making important heath care decisions, this document appoints someone you trust to make medical decisions for you.
  • Probate – This can be a very confusing process, without help from an experienced lawyer. Attorney A. Colby Parks knows all aspects of this legal process and can provide you the direction and representation you need. Some Estate Planning documents are designed to minimize or eliminate this problem.
  • Business Estate Planning – A highly important task that protects your business for your needs and that of your heirs and business partners.
  • Estate Litigation – Having a knowledgeable and aggressive litigator on your side brings you optimum results when challenges arise during estate management or distributions.

For some people, a simple Will provides adequate protection, but for most others, it is important to look at other legal options to consider. Your estate may be far greater than you realize, as can be your own personal need for asset protection.

To learn more about Washington Estate Planning and how it can benefit you and your loved ones, contact A. Colby Parks, Attorney at Law, P.S., in Tacoma, WA. Call him now, at 253-682-1960.