Client Reviews

Very Helpful

He was very helpful and guided me in the right direction.

– a client (5 star review)

Very Impressed..

I received word in Boise that my sister who lived Federal Way was in Critical Condition and was not expected to survive the day.
I jumped in my car to get there as fast as I could. I had my girlfriend text me names of Probate Attorneys in Federal Way/Tacoma.
After a few calls which ended up as dead-ends, Jeff answered the phone. He described what he and I needed to do next then next and then next after that.
He had the name of a Funeral Home, He had the name of a property management company,
I arrived at the hospital at 7:30pm, life support was terminated. I met with Jeff at 9:00am. He made me feel comfortable right away. He is knowledgeable, gave me excellent advice, and did about 3 days worth of work in less than 8 hours… I paid the retainer and believe it was one of the best investments I’ve made… I write more once the issues are settled..

– Vern (4 star review)

Lori K

Jeff Nielsen assisted me with my divorce. He not only managed all processes and paperwork while going through this incredibly stressful life event but also made me feel heard and supported. I was confident my best interests where a consistent focus.

– a client (5 star review)

Smart man with warm heart

Jeffrey was more than willing to work on my case, with me financially, all while being completely caring and sympathetic about my current situation. He was confident and backed it up. Jeffrey made sure he addressed any and everything that i could possibly need help with wether he could help with it or not. I would definately hire him again. Although after our last phone call he never got back to me. There are more pros than cons so I let it slide.

– a Mediation client (5 star review)

Colby works for you

When I first called Colby, he met with my sister and I on the weekend to see if he could help us. It also happened to be his birthday, but he talked with us for a few hours that day. Since then I have always called on Colby, and he has done all he can every time, even if it was out side of his field. I always come back to Colby, and I always recommend him.

– Kriss (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

“The only attorney I would hire today. Colby is knowledgeable and one of the few attorney’s I know of who does not have an inflated opinion of his own value. He listens, is responsive and does not over bill his clients. Results are what he achieves. I have recommended him to several of my clients and they have all been extremely happy with him as an attorney and the results he has achieved !” I first hired Colby as a Attorney in 1997, and have hired Colby more than once.

– Mary Jo (5 star review)

Right is Right and Colby stands by it.

Colby has done a good job for us. He has not lost sight of service. He has always been there to serve or just lend an ear. Being a small business owner our battles are plenty. He has been there no matter what.

– Bill (5 star review)